Wednesday, November 30, 2022

    ‘It’s okay to be mediocre’- lone survivor Group Captain Varun Singh’s letter to his school

    This letter written by Group Captain Varun Singh in September 2021 is being lauded today.

    He wrote this letter to his Army public school principal after he was awarded with Shaurya Chakra.

    This letter is very inspiring for every child today who is undergoing some sort of peer pressure or is in dilemma about his/her career or marks. Every child and parent should read every word written by him. And of course not to forget, his beautiful handwriting in the end.

    Group Captain Varun Singh is the lone survivor from the helicopter crash that lost 13 lives including CDS Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat

    जिंदगी की जंग लड़ रहे ग्रुप कैप्टन वरुण सिंह ने यह पत्र अपने स्कूल आर्मी पब्लिक स्कूल चांदीमंदिर के प्रिसिंपल को लिखा था। जब उन्हें शौर्य चक्र मिला उसके बाद सितंबर 2021 में उन्होंने यह पत्र लिखा।


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