Wednesday, November 30, 2022

    ‘Those who are protesting are not real doctors’ Netizens remark and this is why

    New Delhi: Resident Doctors protest has now been intensified after yesterday’s event when several resident doctors were detained by Delhi Police while they were marching towards the Supreme Court. The protest which begin almost a month ago with resident doctors (both, junior and senior) withdrawing the service first from the OPD, then routine care of patients in the ward and planned surgeries, and finally from the emergency services.

    The resident doctors demand the expedite of NEET-PG counseling which has been delayed this year due to the outcome of a batch of petitions being heard by the Supreme Court over economic reservations.

    Netizens picks up hypocrisy of few doctors

    Amid protest by residents doctor, few Netizens digged up old tweets by some doctors on social media who were opposing the protest by farmers, calling it ‘paid protests’, below are few tweets.

    Another user named Nimo Tai wrote “Time to admire courage and bravery of Modi this time too. No?

    Twitter user @Pun_Starr writes “Apparently, some of these doctors were supporting the govt during farmers protest. Now they’re getting a taste of their own medicine.”

    Amit Upmanyu asks “first came the hen or egg?”

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