Wednesday, November 30, 2022

    Karnataka: Girls barred from entering classroom while wearing Hijab in Govt’s college in Udupi

    Udupi, Karnataka: Female students at a Govt’s PU girls college faced with a new diktat when the principal banned entry of girls wearing Hijab (headscarf) in the classroom. Couple of Muslim girls didn’t accept the new rules very well and since have been protesting at the college demanding for its withdrawal.

    The girls who have been protesting for three days now fear that this will affect their studies and marked absent from the classes, they also call these new rules as discrimination against them. Meanwhile the principal of the college Rudre Gowda says the ban on Hijab is only for entering classroom and the girls can enter college’s campus wearing Burkha and Hijab.

    Mr Gowda also said that he’s calling for parents meeting tomorrow to resolve the issue and come to a negotiation with the protesting students.

    Riaz Ahmed
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