Haridwar: Amid growing outrage, multiple FIRs and writs the culprits of Haridwar Hate Assembly who made an open calls for genocide and use of weapons against Muslims are seen in a video laughing with a police officer, who they said will be “on our side” while handing over a complaint. In a video which is now viral on social media, Sadhvi Annapurna aka Pooja Shakun Pandey is seen telling a police officer that a message must be sent to the people that the police are not biased. “You are a constitutional officer and you will deliver justice equally,” on which Yati Narsinghanand jokingly said “Why are you asking him to be neutral..he will be on our side,” (roughly Hindi translation) then burst in laughter, including the police officer.

Video Courtesy: Ashutosh Bhardwaj

Hindutva firebrand leaders Sadhvi Annapurna – also known as Pooja Shakun Pandey and Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, Waseem Rizvi aka Jitendra Tyagi along with others handed over a complaint to SHO Rakendra Kathait of Haridwar Kotwali when he went to serve the summon notices at Shambvi Ashram of Swami Prabodhanand. Earlier seers from several Akhadas and Dharma-shalas held a joint meeting and formed a core committee of 21 leaders to pledge fight against Islam which they call ‘gang of armed people’. They have named Quran, Prophet Muhammed and several Imams and maulvis as accused in their complaint.

According to TOI reports, SHO (Haridwar Kotwali) Rakendra Kathait said “We served notices to the two accused that were present in the (Dharam Sansad) meeting on Tuesday. More names will be added as we proceed with the probe.”

Waseem Rizvi aka Jitendra Tyagi and Annapurna along with Ghaziabad’s Dasna Devi temple head priest Yati Narsinghanand and right-wing organisation Hindu Raksha Sena president Swami Prabodhanand were present at the meeting. They vowed to “organise such meets across the country“. The committee said We are holding three more sansads in Aligarh, Kurukshetra and Shimla. This is our freedom of speech. Akhadas are an army of the religion. Islam ek hathiyarband giroh hai. You can fight them only with arms. Swami Prabodhanand who was missing when Police went to serve summon notice said, “We are being name-called on social media…we are not ‘fake saints’. All those who took part in the Dharma Sansad belong to akharas and other prominent organisations. We have decided to form a core committee to promote our agenda and organise such events across India.

Initially, only Waseem Rizvi, who had converted to Hinduism and named himself Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi had been named in the FIR lodged on Thursday last week, later Uttarakhand Police added the names of Sadhvi Annapurna, and priest Dharamdas Maharaj in the FIR. The FIR has been lodged under Section 153A of the IPC (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language).

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