Sunday, October 2, 2022

    Martyred Brig LS Lidder daughter Aashna Lidder deactivated her twitter account after online attack

    New Delhi: Martyred Brigadier LS Lidder who lost his life in the tragic accident of Mi-17V5 helicopter along with CDS General Bipin Rawat and 11 others in Connor, Tamil Nadu was cremated today at Brar Square, Delhi Cantt. CDS General Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat last rites were also performed with full honours.

    After performing last rites of her father Brig LS Lidder, Aashna said: “I am going to be 17. So he was with me for 17 years, we will go ahead with happy memories. It’s a national loss. My father was a hero, my best friend. Maybe it was destined and better things will come our way. He was my biggest motivator

    However, trolls of internet do not bother about morality, they started passing pathetic remarks on her after finding her old tweets.

    She had to deactivate her twitter account after facing some vile comments! It is not confirmed that the twitter account with Aashna Lidder is of Brigadier Lidder’s daughter. She has not yet gave any statement that she was trolled on social media for her tweets.

    Here are few tweets screenshot

    People came in support for the 17 years old brave girl who have just lost her father

    Rajya Sabha MP and Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi wrote: “17 year old,grieving yet holding strong,has just cremated her father,a decorated army officer,is being trolled for her views,they want to moderate her woke-ism,military train compulsorily,want her to be corrected. In the process got her to delete her account. How low will you go?

    A tweeter user @ikaveri posted earlier video of Aashna Lidder

    People urged to buy Aashna Lidder authored book ‘In search of a title‘ which was recently launched.

    In the end, love win and hate lost, we salute the families of our Martyred Soldiers and Army men/women

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